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-- Aqua Hulled Sesame Seed product details --

Dipasa Aqua Hulled Sesame Seed is cleaned and hulled (removal of the husk) using DIPASA’S proprietary technology. This hulled sesame seed is ideal for bakery applications where you want to maintain a white seed after baking in the oven.

Because of this unique property to remain white after baking aqua hulled sesame seed is the preferred topping for hamburger buns all over the world.

This hulled sesame seed is available in bulk sizes shown below.

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50 Lb Bag
Price: $ 201.89
Weight: 50.00 Lbs.
10 Lb Shipper carton
Price: $ 46.30
Weight: 10.00 Lbs.
5 Lb Case
Price: $ 27.33
Weight: 5.00 Lbs.
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